Picture of the symbol of the Four Intelligences

This picture represents the Four Intelligence’s


We will explore how your Spiritual Intellect (SI), Emotional Intelligence(EI), Temperament Intellect (TI) and Intelligence (IQ) combine to impact your walk through life. These distinct qualities are as unique for each of us as our DNA. Intelligence and Temperament have been studied for generations. Emotional Intelligence is a more recentdevelopment. Spiritual Intellect is a newer concept that we believe is as critical as its three counterparts to the development of men. The four Intelligences combine to provide each man a unique insight into who he and how he can be the “new creation” that God desires. The world contributes EI, TI and IQ, but only the Holy Spirit can deliver the key ingredient-Spiritual Intelligence. This is missing link when man looks inward seeking the meaning that only the Holy Spirit can reveal – God’s meaning and direction for his life. We will draw upon EI, TI and IQ because they are tools that can provide valuable insights into the “inner man”. But the fuel for the new creation is allowing the Holy Spirit the access that He needs to transform you into the man God designed you to be.
Our purpose is to introduce you to a number of resources that can provide insights that can spark a new outlook for your life. Our “value add” is to integrate these four spheres of influence into your walk. We have drawn these resources from the academic world, spiritual world and life experiences. Although I have been a follower of Christ for over twenty years my life experiences from my “old life” continues to provide great insight. I see them through a new lens that only enriches the value of these lessons. If you are not a follower of Christ do not stop reading! You can still benefit from the wisdom that we have assembled. We share insights- you need to draw your own conclusions. We do not tell you how to apply what you discover because we believe that men are free to make their own decisions. They are not slaves to religious beliefs but have been given the freedom to follow their conscious. That said, as Christians we have Jesus as our teacher and the Holy Spirit as our conscious. We believe that God gave man free will and man can exercise that free will to accept Jesus into his life. That relationship is the foundation for a series of “life changing” events if you allow Jesus the opportunity to guide your steps and transform your heart . My first new insight was to accept Jesus. Many of my New Insights come from His Word. The academic world has provided additional insights. Finally my life experiences has delivered insights as I see my relationships thrive from changes in how I see and treat those in my sphere of influence. We’ll provide insights from many sources and you will decide how these insights impact your outlook and walk.
I will be sharing insights from over 14 years mentoring men and married couples. In addition I will be introducing you to insights from Rick Warren, Daniel Goleman, John Gottman, John Townsend, Henry Cloud, Daniel Amen, John Bradshaw, Dennis Prager, Joyce Meyer, John Trent, Gary Smalley, Sarah Young and many others.
Resources from these authors are included in the reference material found in the appendix. We cannot provide the in depth knowledge in this setting so we encourage you to dig deeper by reading the material outlined in the appendix.

Self Awareness

Are You Equipped to Resolve Conflict?
Are You Ready to Escape the People Pleaser Trap?
Avoid the Greatest of Faults
Do you Let Anger Take Control?
Getting to the Beginning
How Do You See Things?
Manage your tendencies
We Are What We Repeatedly Do
What are your gifts?

His Protection

Pray It Up Play It Down
Putting on the Armor of God
Resist the Devil and He Will Flee.
The Importance of Using God’s Tools

Spiritual Awareness

Perform Regular Maintenance
Who lights your runway?


The Merger of Two Temperaments

His Tools

Six Keys to Peace in Relationships