Who lights your runway?

My cousin is a pilot. Even though he tells me the plane can pretty much “lands itself” he still follows a glide path to the runway. When the visibility is low the pilot must have faith that he is on the correct guide path. Why the analogy? We are all on a glide path in life. The question we need to answer is “how confident are we that our glide path is taking us to the right destination”? If we have made a decision to follow Christ then his light is the glide path we need to follow. If we are off course we need a glide path correction mechanism – the Holy Spirit. If we have crashed then we need Jesus to cover us as we repent and go around for another landing attempt.
I live a few miles from the most active airport in Arizona. All day and often into the night the student pilots are doing touch and goes as they learn how to land. They are learning to trust the landing system. Believers are like these young aspiring pilots. As new believers our faith is a work in progress. With each time the Lord brings us in for a successful landing our faith grows. Eventually our faith is so strong that we completely trust that He will not leave us or forsake us.
Just as we are becoming completely confident we have a disaster! That’s when we discover that our overconfidence has become pride and our pride has taken our eyes off the glide path. The crash is part of God’s plan. His plan is to prune us and to help bear the best fruit possible. In my life there have been plenty of disasters – a failed marriage, job losses, deaths of loved ones, financial misadventures. The list goes on and on and so does the fact that after each disaster Jesus was standing there His hands reaching out to lift me up. He has never abandoned me! Some of those disasters were intended to sensitize me so I could come along side others who were going though similar disasters. I could offer my encouragement because I had walked away from a similar crash and was back in the air. Our testimony about how Jesus has changed our lives does not end when we accept Christ. It is the first chapter in a lifelong testimony on how Jesus has changed our walk as well. There is a way to avoid those crashes – let the Holy Spirit correct your glide path! This requires you to be open to listening to the Holy Spirit. That quiet, still voice that whispers “pull up, pull up” is easy to ignore. He does not scream so you have to listen closely if you want to hear the alerts He issues. Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks through your Christian brothers and sisters so if you are are isolated you’ll never benefit from the truth He speaks through the council of others. I am reminded of Proverbs 15:22 “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed”. Part of God’s design for His landing system is to insert people into your life who can offer good advice and wise counsel to you. It is up to you to engage and then consider that wise counsel before making significant decisions in your life. I have found that these advisors have saved me from many crash landings.


Psalm 119:105 NIV “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”
John 15:5 NIV “I am the vine, you are the braches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing.”

Personal Reflection:

Who are my wise counselors? If you don’t have any or need more now is the time to act. How well do I hear the quiet still voice saying “pull up, pull up”? Am I overconfident? Do I tend to lean on my own understanding?

Group Discussion:

How can we counsel each other? Do we have transparency among ourselves so others can “speak into our lives”? How well do we fly in formation? Do we have the trust and communications among ourselves?

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